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Angelic Messages

with Debbie Z, the Zibu Channel

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Powerful Keys to the Angelic Realm

All of my services and products are based on symbols and information that I personally channeled in 2002. Everything I do is high vibration and infused with angelic healing energy. I pray and meditate before creating in my art studio, which is my sacred space. To keep the energy positive, only my little dog Gracie & I are allowed in my art studio. My angels guide me on every step of the creation process. 

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About Debbie Z

As an intuitive channel, author, and artist, I offer tools to assist you in connecting with your angels through symbology.

About Zibu 

In 2002, I began drawing symbols in my journal through automatic writing. Initially, I didn’t know what they were or what they meant. Soon afterward, I was visited by an angel during a Reiki treatment, who explained that I was drawing angelic healing symbols called Zibu. She invited me to create jewelry in the shapes of the symbols to share the messages and energy with mankind. I continue to create jewelry that elicits dramatic responses from clients, and I follow my angelic guidance on all related new projects. 

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Sharing the Message

Through my jewelry, cards, and books, I am showcasing symbols that I receive from Angels. My jewelry elicits heartfelt responses from clients, and my cards and books share the angelic messages and high vibrational energy.

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My jewelry is co-created with the Angels and is infused with positive energies. 

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Discover daily inspiration with my beautiful affirmation cards, designed to connect you with angelic energies. Start your day with a positive outlook and spiritual guidance.

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Explore my collection of three enchanting books, inspired by the graceful symbols of the Angels. Each book includes artwork meticulously hand-drawn, offering a personal and heartfelt touch to your spiritual journey.

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Explore my personalized readings: live Zoom sessions for real-time interaction, email readings for detailed written guidance, and quick mini-readings on Instagram for daily inspiration. 


"Zibu symbols open up energetic portals for Heavenly transformation."

~ Angel Zephyrine


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